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Highlights of Board Result 2013


Established in 1958, Brightlands School has earned for itself a country wide reputation of academic excellence over the years. Constantly and resolutely evolving, Brightlands aims at creating an atmosphere of friendliness and intellectual curiosity among its young members. A 10+2 English medium, co-educational school affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi, Brightlands stands firm in its commitment to provide a life of enriched experience to the students. It plays a decisive role in moulding the future by nurturing a generation of progressive young men and women prepared to embrace changes as an opportunity rather than a threat.

Synonymous with brilliant academic results, Brightlands is constantly evolving and works upon the conviction that a new vision is vital for its young members. It aims at creating an atmosphere of friendliness and intellectual curiosity thus nurturing a generation of progressive young men and women prepared to embrace changes in the future as an opportunity rather than a threat.

The outstanding performance of the school is evident from the innumerable laurels achieved at Inter School and National level competitions. The spirit of participation, discovering inborn talents, the pleasures of winning, the lessons of failure are all a part of the personal growth needed for the fuller development of the young minds.

The Brightlands journey is etched in commitment, written in perseverance and rejoiced by success.

Soaring high, over the years...

In the year 2003, the School secured the All India 1st and 2nd positions in the ICSE (Class X) Board Examination with an unbeatable overall aggregate of 97.6% and 97.4% respectively. Yet again, in 2005 the School bagged the All India 1st and 2nd positions, this time in the ISC (Class XII) Board Examination with an overall aggregate of 97.5% and 97.25% respectively. In keeping with high standards set by the earlier batches, the 2010 results, both of the ISC and ICSE Classes surpassed all previous records despite an increased number of students taking the Examination.
The class average of the ICSE Board Examination, 2010 touched 89% and that of the ISC Board Examination was also 89%.
We've not only reinforced our excellent academic standing nationwide, in the Board Examination 2009-2010, but have attained new milestones and set new aspirations for the years to come.
For the second consecutive year, our students have retained the first position in Uttarakhand in the ICSE Board Examination, with an overall aggregate of 97.4 %. Indeed we've every reason to be proud! Securing a cent percent in subjects like Environmental Education, Mathematics and Computers sets a benchmark for the forthcoming batches.
The ISC result distinguished itself with the School topper securing a 97%. Subjects like Mathematics and Computers touched the 100 % marks; close to follow was 99% in Economics. The highest range for the other subjects was between 94%-97%. It's not just a few students whose academic excellence is evident but the fact that the entire class shines through with outstanding scores is clearly discernible.

We don't take the best, we make them...

At Brightlands we keep abreast with the changing times to meet current aspirations of the youth. Evaluation of the syllabi, modification, updating and finally imparting knowledge in a manner to suit individual differences, knowing as we do that we are dealing with people and not machines. This has helped us tremendously in not only replicating but improving on our performance year after year. Many of our bright scholars have perforated the protected bastions of reputed institutions the world over.


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